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In-game rules

TristinTristin Posts: 12Forums Moderator

Server rules are as follows

2.No exploiting any bugs/glitches - Account Reset/Ban
3.No excessive flaming - 24 hr Mute
4.No begging for staff/ Staff hunting - Mute/ban depending on how extreme or excessive this becomes
5.Do not beg for items from staff - 24 hr mute
6.No scamming in any way - 48 jail +loss of items
7.No discussing any other servers in the server - 1 hr-24 mute
8.No real world trading - Ban
9.No account sharing - Ban of shared account
10.No consequence evading -IP and Permanent consequence
11.No luring - 24 hr jail
12.No swearing in yell/help chat system - 1 hour-24 hour mute
13.No impersonating staff members - BAN/Perm mute
14.When pking, praying and speccing is illegal - 1-6 hr jail
15.No using any third-party clients - Ban or 1-24 hr jail depending on severity
16.No afk training / bossing - Warning-1 hr jail-24-jail- Temp ban- Account wipe
17.No FCing in the wilderness - 1-6 hour jail
18.Do not use vpn to vote, the punishment will be mac-ban
19.Do not hide bugs and exploits to benefit you or others - Ban
20.No safe spotting bosses - At staff discretion


  • chrischris Posts: 1Administrator

    Good work Tristian i putted a new rule. But great work!

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